TESTED // Fanatic 9’0 Stylemaster

Fanatic Stylemaster 9’0 2019 SUP Board Test

Test By Simon Bassett

Photos of Sandy Clunas by Simon Bassett

Fanatic have been producing a Stylemaster longboard type SUP since 2015.  They were one of the first brands to realise you ride differently on any wave depending on the style of Sup surfboard you own .

Long boarding is pretty much where surfing started and within surfing it has its place as does short boarding and every shape type surfboard and fin or finless combination. Fanatic has a short board style Fanatic Pro Wave, New School –Stubby parallel rails –Wide body – Fanatic All wave –All round The Fanatic Fly .

The 9’0 Fanatic Stylemaster is 115 litres by 29 inches wide and has a new look with bamboo top sheet and new flex net construction under a translucent matt finish. The new board looks hot with the thin surfboard style rails and nose ride rider outline.

I have used the 130 Stylemaster before but not the 9’0 until recently and I have to say for me it is a perfect size.  I have used it numerous times at West Wittering now in small to head high sets.  I found the board to be very quick to catch a wave, very fast once you were on the wave;  the thin rails slice through the wave as you ride it.  Walking towards the nose it feels good and the few times I held the nose ride it felt spot on.  The board comes with a pad ¾ length but I found I need to wax the nose to stay on it .

You have to move around on the Stylemaster, so trimming it like a long board –the board is fluid fast and when you drive it onto the turn it snaps back out of a top turn with some foot pressure – really like the fact it has a traditional bigger centre fin as it has loads of drive .

Fanatic reckon that the 9’0 is ideal for a rider weight of 50 to 80 kg but Jake is 75 kg and I am 80kg and Sandy at just over 90kg all found it perfect .

Sup surfing is about riding waves as much as you can – by adding a longboard SUP to your quiver will only make it more enjoyable – I have added one to my personal quiver and Jake and Sandy who were also trying out boards with me always fought over this board as to who would get on it first!

Shaper Sebastian Wetzel  RRP £1149.00

9’0 x 115 x 29

10 x 130 x 30

10’6 x155 x 31


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