TESTED : : Ozone Enduro V2

The Enduro V2 is a truly awesome Kite! Having taught last year on the V1’s that were quite a raw and ‘grunty’, this year Ozone have fine-tuned the Enduro to give it a more rounded and consistent performance. It drives cleanly through the window, and feels faster and more balanced with a heavier bar feel.

Simon asked me to put the V2 through its paces at the end of last season .. I was impressed!!

I’m an all-round rider leaning more towards freestyle but a progressing wave and foil rider … this kite does it all with 3 attachments at the bridle.

The Enduro V2 leans more towards a freestyle machine, but with a simple adjustment you can change its characteristics to behave more like a wave kite, don’t get me wrong it doesn’t match the performance of a dedicated wave kite like the Ozone Reo, but if you’re not riding into Jaws then Enduro will put a smile on your face with a surf board.

The great thing about Ozone they don’t release a kite every year just because they have changed the graphic, they put-in some serious R&D before unveiling the next version.

I loved the kite so much I ended up buying a quiver of 7, 9, 12m. I’m 80kg and this allows me out in wind speeds of 13-35 knots

If want to come and check out the Enduro we have them on our beach site at West Wittering. Test by Stu Mahoney.

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