The Golden Ticket Winners return to the Witterings

Club member Francis Goodwin was lucky enough to win “The Golden Ticket” to Maui in a Boards Mag competition. The whole family went on the trip of a lifetime, including Justin, who had this to say:

The windsurfing at “our” beach between Camp one and Kanaha was amazing with flat water on the inside and a decent wave break on the outside. The wind did not disappoint and blew between F5 and F8 most of the time.

We had some mornings of light wind for the little kids Taya (7) and Jenna (9) to practice. Emily (13) and Jack (11) were waterstarting experts, well into harness and footstraps and starting to jibe while Leah (11) progressed well into waterstarting and sailing in the harness.

Two doors down was Jeff Henderson from Hot Sails Maui. We frequently used “his” beach with the kids and he lent us a big board for Taya and Jenna and helped out with other bits and pieces for the GoPro. We also hired kids’ kit from his shop Kanaha Kai.

Our trip was star-studded with Dave White looking after us and the Golden Ticket Granddad very well. He and a number of UK sailers (John Skye, Jamie Hancock, Timo Mullen and some of the boys from Boards – Paul Griffiths and Simon Crowther) came and sailed from our beach on several occasions. We also had the pleasure of sailing with Francisco Goya and Levi Siver while Jonny and Jace from Poorboyz fillmed the mayhem as we raced around getting the right kit together. Simon Bassett was living a couple of blocks up from us at Camp One and came down to check up on us regularly. We also were lucky to be out in Maui at the same time as Paul Simmons, his wife Nikki and daughter Amie so managed to share a few beers together and discuss the local talent.

All in all a fantastic trip filled with great conditions and great people. We are working on a return trip next year if funds allow..

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