The new 2015 Ezzy Taka 2


5 batten , 4 Batten  , 3 Batten  and now the  new Ezzy Taka 2 – is a 3 and a half battened sail – it feels like we are heading back to the old Robby Naish Style Gaastra Wavefoil Pro with the soft batten options!

You may think its confusing, until you actually try the new 2015 Ezzy Sails – all of which are available for test on the beach at West Wittering – in simple terms each sail fits a category or even two.

The sail market has radically changed over the last few seasons with 4 and 3 battened models arriving from each manufacturer.  Ezzy’s plan as always has been slightly different but he has worked through the design process on each model to make his sails deliver the performance .



The 5 battened Tiger sits in the category of wavesail and a great sail for blasting on flat water and has more of a locked in feel due to the 5 battens – its still great for riding and jumping.  The 4 battened Elite 3 has used the Taka panel layout and it has a similar wind range to the Ezzy Tiger but has a looser feel – the Elite feels superlight in your hands and is great for blasting and has superb jumping and  sweet riding feel.


So why would you buy a Taka 2 with three and a half battens?  Well the wind range is pretty much the same at the top end as the Elite, it is very light and has that amazing softness and manouverability because of the extra half batten but it has added stability when the wind picks up.

Dave Ezzy showed me when I was in Maui in April how to rig the Taka 2 in lightwind mode – it has 2 settings on the downhaul and it felt to me you can use a smaller sail and still get plenty of power and control but by using less downhaul and tuning the outhaul settings.

After using the 5m and 4.5m Taka 2 over two weeks – the first week I think I over downhauled my 5m and gradually over the time in Camp One, Maui got used to using less downhaul it really worked for me.  Dave showed me how to use the setting strap for getting downhaul right and it really made a difference.You have to try it in the super light wind mode the sail really has some power!

One surprise for me was how well the Taka 2 chugs upwind, the shape in the front of the sail (off the second batten) locks the draft forward and you can charge upwind.

A customer asked me “is a sail designed and tested on Maui any good for the UK?”  I would have to say yes!  I used in onshore/cross shore and cross off conditions the Taka 2 with a 99ltr Quattro Tetra, Quattro Sphere 92, Fanatic Stubbie 77 and a Goya Quad 84 and they all worked really well with the new Taka 2 (I also used the sail on a windSUP in superlight winds).

I think if you want an Ezzy sail the more waveriding you do the choice is close between the Taka 2 and the Elite . The big sizes in both Elite and Taka 2 have been very well received by customers.  If you are switching from Elites to Taka 2 the masts are shorter so you would need to adjust some of your mast options.

Come and try them to book a test please call the windsurf club 01243513077 or email and we can arrange a test .  If you want any technical help please contact me Simon Bassett – .


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