The Wind Came Back!

After what seemed like the longest windless spell in history, the wind has finally returned over the last week.

On Sunday 22nd May, 65 people signed out at West Wittering Windsurf Club. Sailing around watching was akin to watching junkies finally getting their fix after a long spell of cold turkey. Moves were being pulled everywhere as if the world was about to end and this was the last chance to express yourself on the water.

The greatest thing, though, was to see so many smiling happy faces on the beach. Everyone was loving the windy, sunny conditions.

The usual suspects of Paul Hatton, the Perrys, Antony Zavos, Dris Arrissa, Xavier Tornambie, Adrian West, Kyle McGinn, Neal Gent, Jess Napper, Olivia, Andy Tomlinson, Mike McChesney, John Hamer, Justin, Emily and Leah Goodwin, Graham and Jack Pettit, James Arnelle-Smith, the Deblabys, Alex and Frank McKirgan and Levon and the early morning kite crew.

Sorry there aren’t more kiting photos – there were loads of people out loving it but we didn’t make it down the beach with the camera at low tide.

There were also some ‘men from the 90s’: Julian Anderson and Julian Da Vall.

Anderson was showing his pro-heritage with some big stalled forwards. Da Vall was pulling off some huge backloop attempts and endo-forwards. Timo Mullen made a guest appearance and made the most of the conditions with some fantastic jumping and riding.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing can be frustrating sports. Disappearing forecasts, dying conditions and family and work commitments all make these weather-reliant sports hard to fit in with modern, busy lives.

Absence, however, definitely makes the heart grow fonder and there is no chance of taking any moment of water time for granted when they are this few and far between.

The wind carried on blowing throughout Monday and is now giving us a bit of a rest until Thursday when it looks like it will return and blow throughout the bank holiday weekend.

Simon Bassett took the photos shown. The mast-mount shots were taken using a carbon mast-mount that is so light, you don’t even notice it on your rig! The camera was a standard GoPro HD

Thanks to Mark Twist who sent us these fantastic GoPro shots too:

Simon was also testing the new GoPro LCD Backpack attachment – the screen attaches to your GoPro HD and along with a slightly larger water-housing, allows you instant feedback on any filming or photos you have taken.

2XS will have these in stock shortly. They cost £89.99. Call us if you want to make a pre-order (01243 512 552)

Sorry we didn’t get down at low-tide to get more kiting action.

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