Windsurf Foiling at West Wittering

The 2XS® Team have been testing out the new Fanatic foil (130 litre Gecko and Fanatic flow H9 windsurf foil) at West Wittering beach this week.

We had gusty light offshore winds of 14 to 20 knot winds and used a  5.3 Ezzy Taka 4 sail. The water conditions were super flat so it made it real easy to get going.

Jake, Sandy myself, Dan and Ollie were all out on the foil gear and everyone eventually got up and going for a few runs. Last season I had a few foiling sessions, and Jake had tried it once, but it was the first time for the others.

Windsurfing foiling is a great option if want to keep your wave sails. There is no need to use big windsurf rigs as the wave sails work so well in marginal 12 to 20 knot conditions. Windsurf foiling does not feel like conventional windsurfing as there is no real pressure on your body, and the equipment simply slices and glides across the water. The main difference is that you must move your weight further forward than a ‘normal’ windsurf position.

Give us a call if want to book a demo as we have foil boards ready to go at the beach.

Email us or call 01243 512552

2 thoughts on “Windsurf Foiling at West Wittering

  1. Looks very addictive .. not too much grunt and wide wind strength range – once you’ve got the hang of it .. !

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