Windy Freestyle Session at West Wittering Beach

We have had some pretty decent sessions this season. And last Monday was another epic day at West Wittering with decent waves at high tide and great flat water conditions in the Wittering trench.

The freestyle boys turned up fresh from Windfest at Poole – Chris Muzza Murray, Sam Ross, Max Rowe, John from the beach, Jamie Drummond, and John Palmer were all out ripping on the trench. People on the beach stood by the lagoon watching the new school freestyle action. Max Rowe said on the beach that he had one of best freestyle sessions of the year due the super strong winds and flat water.

Dave White (editor of boards mag and production speed record holder) and his son Reece was also out ripping at high and low tide. Dave also went sailing with Holly after she got back from school where she undertook her first mission above 35 knots!

Nik Baker turned up at high tide and brought with him the new Fanatic 2012 Quad and North Hero for a test drive (we will feature more about the gear test later).

Loads of people from the club were in on the action: Levon on his 5m kite, Paul Simmons, Inness, Jonny Boyce, Roul, Kev, John and Ru Hamer. Chris Rosco and Grahme P hit the late low tide and had themselves a good wave session.

Here are a couple video clips to tease you further if you didnt get out on the water..

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