2XS West Wittering // Open from 29th March

After the third Lockdown, and hopefully the last, we are pretty excited to be back open from the 29th March 2021.  This means the Club will be open and operating, 7 day a week rescue cover, hire and private tuition is also available.

From the 12th April, we are then able to offer our watersport group lessons on a 5:1 basis.

Our hire centre is pretty much fully operational and we are waiting for extra gear that we expect to arrive mid April.

The Clubhouse and Changing rooms will be closed due to Covid-19 distance restrictions – but as soon as we are able to open these up we will!

Over the last month we have been training and getting ready for the season and look forward to seeing you all down here as soon as life returns to normal!

We have lots of new kit for 2021 – brand new custom built Ezzy Waves, Zeta & Cheetah sails – all rigged on Ezzy carbon masts and Chinook RDG booms. Windsurf boards from RRD FSW, Firemove’s and Evolutions, Goya Volar, One 105 & 95, Custom 3 86 and 91, Fanatic Mamba TE and Freewave TE  New Ozone kites; the new Catalyst and Enduro – Ozone Code kite boards – RRD Passion, Religion kites and Placebo boards – North Reach kites, Charge & Cross kite surfboards; Prime and Atmos Hybrid twintips.  SUPs from Fanatic – Fly and Fly Air’s; AllWave, Bee; and the latest foil kit from North – Nova wing and Seek foil board; RRD Beluga; Fanatic Skywing’s; Quatro Wing Drifters, Ride Engine Moonbuddy; Duotone Echo’s & Slicks, Slingshot Slingwing V2’s and foils from Axis, Fanatic, North & Slingshot.

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