Dream Day

The south westerly winds have been in real short supply on the south coast this summer. In fact since March there have only been 4 days that were ok. But then on Saturday 28thJuly the wind gods delivered some of the best conditions of the season! West Wittering beach was at last packed with windsurfers and kiters again and we were drenched in 30 degrees of heat from the blazing summer sun. It was a very welcome change and it seems that this was the initiation of a changing weather pattern that is bringing us some more consistent wind and waves for the end of the summer.

We only took a few photos as we were so busy, and we also had a beach full of day trippers to contend with. These few should give you the feel of the session – which I have to say was truly epic – full 4.1m weather with the wind and the high combining for some great ramps. Also at low tide the trench was super charged which turned into an arena for Barry Foley to gain the title for the biggest jump recorded at West Wittering in his Woo at 16 metres!

The 2XS team managed to squeeze in 3 sessions: one before work, one during, and one after work. It is days like this that make you realise how great West Wittering can be.

Photo Credit: Simon & 2XS Team, and thanks to West Wittering Estate for the drone images
Videos: Mark Twist, and 2XS Team

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