Ezzy Panther Elite 2012 4 batten wave sail

Ezzy Panther Elite 2012 4 batten wave sail

Wouter from Seasprite sent me over a a 5.3 Ezzy Panther Elite for me to test out. Having used 5 batten sails for the last 15 years I looked at the sail with some uncertainty. For 2 weeks I put off using the the 5.3 just because of the unstable and backhanded feel I expected to get from the the 4 batten sail (this was my perception from previous 4 batten models from other brands ). But in fact I am so happy with my 5 batten Ezzy panther Ltds I was really not in the mood to change my sails at all.

I tried the 5.3 in 20 to 26 knots of wind side on shore conditions at West Wittering with waist to chest high waves – I rigged my 5.2 panther ltd too just in case I didn’t enjoy the the elite – I had pretty much convinced my self I wasn’t going to like the 4 batten sail(!)

After 2 hours of of windsurfing, getting some monster jumps and good riding I had one of the best sails I had for ages. The 5.3 didn’t over power or get backhanded –I just increased the out haul when I need less power and more control. It felt super light in my hands –perfect balance –not shifty and gives a real boost when you take off –different to the panther LTD. What I also liked was the back hand power in bottom turns you get some real controllable acceleration from the back hand when your riding. The Ezzy Panther Elite when riding or turning has a more noticeable de powered feel but also when you sheet in turns the power back on just when you need it.

When I took the 4.7 Elite out the wind kept building all day I started at high tide in around 30 knots all seem very good by the end of the day I was holding the 4.7 in 40 knots of wind on flat water –I increased the downhaul to the high wind setting and tuned the out haul and was stunned to find the sail held its shape and I felt in total control. Like all the Ezzys  I have owned the wind range per sail size is massive when you use the correct Ezzy mast.

Each person who also tested the sails on the beach both in flat water and in waves we very impressed with the performance its  not just a performance wave sail its great in flat water –if your not sure why not test one for yourself please contact me at 2xs to arrange a test -simon@2xs.co.uk  0774  775 8883

So I have just sold all my Ezzy panther Ltds and the rest of my set Panther Elites are arriving this week.

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