Foil up!

We have just received our new light wind windsurf foil at 2XS West Wittering –the Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND 1 Windsurf Foil.
I am really excited that we can go foil windsurfing in 8 to 18 knots and reckon this could be the game changer for windsurfing !!! And what makes this better is can still use a 5.0 Ezzy Taka or 5.3 Ezzy Elite and sail size to power the beast along. Seems amazing a kite brand like Slingshot has launched a windsurf foil and windsurf board line up to match. These guys look like they have done stacks of research and development and are passionate about foil use – heard some great reviews of this when I spoke to Jason Diffen from Goya who has been windsurf with Tony Lagosz in Hood river. I think the ground work on these designs has been driven from Kitesurfing ,but the impact from Americas cup sailing on foils and turned sailing Into ultra high performance –with light winds no longer being a restrictor for high speed (10 knots windspeed –30 knots boat speed )
To start with look through the slingshot foil academy –this is step by step lesson for new foilers and there are great tips .If want to buy one theSlingshot Hover Glide FWIND 1 is the stage 1 for light winds 8 to 18 knots if already have used a foil and want a stronger wind foil the the Slingshot hover glide FWIND 2 is the option 22 to 28 knots –you will in the near future be able to by separate wings for your foil to upgrade you Slinghshot FWIND 1 performance .
But like all these new ideas we are going to test it first and let you know –our foil  journey has just started .
On safety front hear are very simple rules for windsurf foiling 
1 Wear a  helmet –impact vest and booties
2 deep water only –avoid shallow water!
3 stay within wind range (light winds) of your foil
4 Avoid swimmers and other water users –if its busy don’t go out
5 use the slingshot windsurf foil mast school system -start small
6 use small  wave sails and uphaul
7 follow the Slingshot windsurf foil video for tips before heading out
8 call 2XS 01243 512552 -Simon Bassett for more advice

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