2018 Goya & Quatro Windsurf Kit Arriving Soon

We had the chance to check out the new boards /sails in Tarifa in May with the GOYA/Quatro team.

Normally you have to go Maui to meet the crew but Francisco Goya, Lalo, Keith Taboul, Jason Diffen and Pio Marc   (MFC ) were all on hand to give all the new information on boards, sails, mast, booms and fins .

The range looks sharp as ever and the boards in general have had a huge amount of testing and development. In simple terms it looks to me the board range has become faster, lighter and more maneuverable. Board widths have gone narrower per each volume size and the key seems to be to ride a slightly bigger volumed quad. Changing boards rather than sails particularly in wave boards is the new message.

Goya Custom Pro Surfwave Quad

This has been Goya’s flag ship on shore/side shore wave board –new shape for all sizes, new volumes, adjusted tail shapes for each size, lighter, new fins, new fin postions , adjusted strap positions – rear strap slightly moved forward from Goya 2016 -17 season, new bottom shape with more vee in nose a new outline and a 3 stage rocker for improved speed, control and maneuverability in turns and riding .

Keith told us Francisco gave him the numbers and he then spent much time testing and re shaping this board line with Brazinho and the Team. New sizes include 68,74,79,84,89,94,104 and 118. All the boards have a slight hip winger one foot from the tail. Fins look a big improvement on the red fins from last year. New carbon construction.

Goya Custom Pro Surfwave Thruster

This is one of Goya’s new boards for 2018 the concept a tri fin board – fast, full turns so sits in similar place to the Quad, this board should absolutely be ripping in onshore and side shore conditions here in the UK. Comes in three sizes 81,86 and 92 litres. The fins have been positioned further back and comes with the hip winger a foot from the tail –new construction on this board too .


Goya One

If you are looking for a freestyle wave or wave freestyle this board is the choice –it’s a single board option to take on holiday for flat or waves or one board option to do both well. It has a fast rocker line for full speed, the new winger. This comes in sizes 86,96,106 and 116. Looks a very good option for the UK conditions .

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