Kite & Windsurf Pics – 26 October 2013 – West Wittering

This was a good low tide session as there hadn’t been any decent wind for a while.

We had our Rippers Camp on with Sam Ross and James Randall and here is the low tide kite action.
I watched Levon Lister charging some of his first runs were of the 35 to 36 knots mark.

Levon did a run the following Monday of 38 knots and it looked uber fast. John Hamer had a decent high tide session – Mike McChesney was ripping on his Cult Quad, Patrick was out, Stacey was getting some decent jumps and Simon Russell was getting some big air!

Justin came out later and busted out some nice pushies. Frank Mrkirgan and Westy were out in the trench giving it some 90s action.

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Pics Simon Bassett

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