Emile wins Amatuer fleet – BWA Cornwall Event

Emile who worked with 2XS/WWWC for many years clinched a well deserved victory in the BWA Gwithian amatuer division last weekend in some of the biggest wave conditions of the year.

Emile has been riding the new 2014 Goya quads and 4 batton Banzaii sails. If you get the chance to watch Emile windsurfing you will see how full on his windsurfing has got in decent wave sailing conditions.

Here’s what he said:

“This year was the third time I have taken part in the BWA amateur event in Cornwall. I had managed second place twice before and was very keen to try to take the win!

I love sailing at Gwithian – it’s a beautiful spot and on it’s day gives some incredible (port tack) riding conditions.

This year’s event was blessed with solid conditions, helped along by the infamous Jude storm. The amateur event took place on the Saturday when we had solid 4.7 weather with chest to shoulder high sets. There were 24 entrants, including some very solid sailors. To be honest, when I saw the level of sailing, I wasn’t even hopeful of getting through the first round!

I got through the first few rounds, then the judges started to score on 1 jump as well as the 2 wave rides. Sailing at Wittering all the time, I am far from comfortable jumping on port tack but gave it my best.

In the final round, (probably more by luck than judgment) I managed to land a clean backie – on port tack! – still can’t quite believe it… That pretty much sealed the deal.

As always, the event was excellent – every possible minute of compete-able conditions was used in everything from bolt-onshore Marazion mush to scary mast high walls breaking top to bottom on the sandbar at the Bluff.

If anyone is thinking of entering a competition next year, stop finding excuses and do it! We always have a lot of fun – everyone is very friendly and it really does wonders for your sailing. There were sixty something competitors at the Gwithian event and only 2 were from Wittering! – There are some great sailors here who would be at the top of the Youth, Master and Amateur fleets…” ..

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