TESTED // 2019 Fanatic AllWave

Fanatic AllWave 2019

The AllWave has been in the Fanatic sup line up for a while – the wide style wave sup has been really popular and works well as a first time sup, a windsup, and as a wave sup you can paddle happily on flat water. The key to its success has been the dimensions – wide enough to paddle out in surf for added stability, the rocker and plan shape makes it very manoeuvrable in surf. In the past it has been available in 2 constructions a Pure and Limited.

For 2019 they have produced the AllWave in one construction which feels a big improvement on both constructions from the previous season. Firstly, it looks smoking hot in the blue translucent epoxy construction and you can see the vector net. It comes with the same recessed handle, new fin boxes, Fanatic large fins and the brass insert in the deck if you want to use it as a windsup.

We tried it on a windy, small surf day so we weren’t expecting to get much feed back from the board. The first thing we noticed is how light it feels from the 2018 model. As you paddle you still have the same stability as before but the board just feels more reactive, more alive. Catching and riding the 2019 AllWave – the board reacts much quicker and allows you to catch and ride the wave.

You ride the waves forward on the board and trim back, once you had your foot near the rear pad the board turned really well.

The 2019 AllWave model has had a real upgrade the new construction feels like a GTI tune up – it still comes with Fanatic large tri fins but improvement’s to the fin boxes make the fins more secure in the boxes. It comes this season in 8.9 145 ltrs x 32, 9.0 159 ltrs x 32, 9.4 173 ltrs x 32 and 9.8 187 ltrs x 33 wide and costs £1149. If you are looking for a shorter board then consider the Fanatic Stubby.   http://2xs.co.uk/product/fanatic-allwave/

Don’t just take our word for it we have a demo board 9’0 AllWave on the beach if you like to test one please call for a test ride 01243 513077.

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