The cult of RRD equipment at West Wittering

Earlier this year the European Championships were help in St. Gilles Croix de Vie, Vendee, France. RRD team rider Sebastian Garat was crowned king for winning the final stop. There were seven days of spectacular competitions, varying wind conditions and beautiful waves at the beach. Garat and Kerneur were crowned European Champions.
RRD Team rider Sebastians favourite gear is the RRD Obsession MKIV and  Poison LTD 133/41!!!

Dan Sweeney has recently taken on the role of RRD UK Team manager at Seasprite. His job role includes working alongside the company developing and building the team, visiting shops educating staff and customers on the product . Dan’s equipment choices are the Obsession Pro and the Juice Twintip

RRD equipment has become very popular on the south coast, and a number of members of the West Wittering Windsurf Club have now been using their gear for many years.
Stuart Holland is a face that is frequently seen when ever the wind tips the magic 18 knot mark. He rides the 2012 RRD Obsessions and also the 2012 Maquina Surf board
Product Review by Stu Holland “I purchased the new RRD Obsession kites, 9 and 7m about a month ago and have now had some fantastic kite sessions with them. Although I usually kite in the waves, and always use a directional board, I have tended to prefer these ‘all-round’ kites like the Obsession, as I’ve found they have a bit more grunt and range than the waves specific kites. This makes them better suited to the South Coast type conditions. The 9m has seen the biggest improvement from last year, with much better unhooked capability whilst wave riding. Overall they are great all round kites- easy to fly, giving you versatility and a big wind-range”.

Neal Gent, the all round Witterings waterman loves his RRD 2012 Religions and also his brand new RRD Asso Pigliatutto

Chris Rainbow’s new ride is the super stylish RRD Style Twintip and twinned with the RRD Religion it makes for an epic riding combo.

Julia Toms has also been an RRD fan since the beginning of her kiteboarding life when she started on the RRD type 6! She now rides an RRD Obsession on a custom surf board.

There also a whole flock of RRD Passions to be seen on the beach. Jess Napper has been converted to kitesurfing from windsurfing and it was the RRD Passion that led her down the kiting router. She is frequently seen at the beach and also rides RRD Twintips boards.

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