The New 2012 Ezzy Panther Elite.

The new Ezzy Panther Elite, four battened wave sail, has just arrived into the 2XS Office – you may of seen the pictures of the prototypes we put up in a 2XS news feature about a month ago of KP and Graham Ezzy.

The word is that this new sail has been worked hard by Dave and the R & D Team in Maui and they have evolved this new four batten sail so that when using it it feels as controllable as a five battened sail with a lighter feel and more manoeuvrability. 

 You know we don’t always believe in all the hype, but I have to say, Ezzy is a bit like Ronseal “it says what it does on the tin” – so its going to be exciting to try out this new sail. We have a 5.3m which we will have on the beach this weekend – and wind is forecast for Saturday so it looks like we can put it through its paces.

Availability will be end of July/early August – prices are expected to be between the current Panther Ltd and Tiger sails – we will have all the specs on the 2XS site as soon as we can. Prices TBC.

Call Simon if you want to check it out this weekend 0774 775 8883 email:

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