WAVES // Big Monday

North Westerly at West Wittering are always pretty good and this Monday (the 9th of December) proved to the biggest one of the Year so far! For a Monday it was pretty busy and when I got the beach Justin Goodwin, Emile Kott, Paul Metcalfe and Mark Perry were already out the back behind the spray, and you could only just make out there mast tips. You could see by the pics from Ian Whittaker that they were having a real good time and followed the swell as the tide receded, down the beach and had some sick rides..

I took some pics of the action as Sarah Jackson just heading out and also when Martin Edmead was already getting out the back. I then handed the camera over to Holly, and headed out myself, followed by Adriano Roldan, Nick Harford, Paul Hatton, Stance guy. The wind was gusting 25-35 kts NW but had a lot more north in it, making it tricky getting out as you got side swiped on the way out. It was a tricky session as it was so offshore, and still pretty chilly on the beach, air and wind under 10 degrees.

It definitely seemed a bigger board day and the boards towards the 90l size with 4.5-5.0m sail size did the job. Nik Baker and Tim Frampton turned up, having been caught in the morning traffic, but these sort of conditions are the Bakers forte you could see how he quickly got back in the groove and was throwing buckets of spray off his top turns.

By the time the tide had gone out the conditions ended and lots of the windsurfers were marooned down at Shore Road. Luckily Ian Whitakker from InsideOutLifestyle was on hand with his pick-up truck and gave Emile, Paul, and Mark a lift back to West Wittering with all their kit.

Photo Credits: Simon Bassett, Holly Bassett, Ian Whittaker

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