West Wittering Action shots – December 2012

Wow what a December -West Wittering has been kicking off for nearly 10 days in row – Santa definatly delivered this year!!

If you had a chance to get out its been warm, wet and windy – plenty of decent sessions some great wave riding and jumping – some heavy southerly sessions -and supercharged sessions on flat water. Watched a few people taking some proper beatings out the back even had a few myself –great to be out on the water.

Good to see the kite lords getting down early Ross, Ross’ dad, Chris, Adam, Larry, Chris, Paul Rothwell Innes, Barry, Kev, Rich and Tony Philips. Also Mike Black, Mike Stewart, Rick Giddings, Jamie Hawkins, Will Mackie and Stu Holland.

On the windsurfing front – there has been some decent wave riding to be had -Justin, Grahame and Phil seemed to be there every day, the odd showing from Lord Lucan even saw Jonny Wilson out of retirement. I watched James Randall ripping into the lip with some heavy top turns – Paul Simmons has been out all the decent days, good also to catch up with Paul Hatton who escaped the relatives on a decent heavy duty West Wittering day. Tim and Mark Perry have been out a lot Timbo has been tearing a few sails in the process as did Toby on the way out in a big southerly. James Mellor, Martin Edmead, Patrick and Tim Guilland and Mark Twist all have been out there enjoying the festive gales.

If you have any pics then please send them to me and I will add them to the site simon@2xs.co.uk Sorry only took a few its too good out there to stand around taking pics… Lets hope 2013 is windy not so wet season –Happy New year to every one, we hope to see you all on the beach……

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