World Standup Paddle and Paddleboard Championship GB Team News


Holly Bassett from TEAM 2XS has just returned home from Sayulita, Mexico where the ISA World Stand Up Paddlesurf & Paddleboard Championships were held. Her overall ranking was 16th place in the women’s SUP Surf Competition.

I (Simon) went with Holly as the TEAM GB manager and watched all of the heats. I have to say it must have been tough for her in the first heats as she was drawn against the current women’s world champ Nicole Pacelli and Izzy Gomez (Waterman League Tour world Champion). The performance level on the women’s comp is getting super high – they don’t hold back as the surf gets bigger and then totally rip when its small.

The conditions varied through the comp and the predominant right direction wave was not on Holly’s favoured side as she is goofy footed. But she put in a lot of work and her efforts were rewarded with a 16th place. The wave was quite shifty, with back-wash occasionally doubling up and forcing the sections to close out quickly. If you had all day to chose your waves then it would be easy – but it was tough for the competitors to select waves in the 15-20 minute heats.

The rest of TEAM GB did well against a full A-list of top international riders –Danny Ching, Candice Appleby, Zane Schweitzer, Sean Poynter, Jackson Close to mention a few.
Matt Barker Smith came in 25th
Glyn Ovens 37th
Marie Buchanan came in 10th in both the 4k technical and 20k distance race
Ollie Shilston came in 21 st in the 4k and 25th in the 20 k
Andy Joyce was place 29th in the 4k event and 34th in the 20k.

The Team house was located a 2 minute walk from the beach and we had a great time in Sayulita. One of the fun highlights was playing SUP water polo at the SUP World games’ first event. Holly and myself got knocked out by Brian and Kevin Talma from Barbados – however Matt, Ollie and Glyn went to a joint 3rd position with Team Barbados .

In the time running up to the event, Holly created herself a champ page and self-funded most of the trip and was also very lucky to have some generous donations from Matt Coyne, N200, The Dicky Dale family, Alex Mckirgan, Chris Rainbow, John Humberstone, Ali Darge, Mr Anonymous for a rather large donation, Mckirgan Family, Grahame Petitt, Nick Coleman, Paul Amey, Gm Horton, John Ash, Shena Mathers and Bassett family seniors. A massive thank you goes to everyone who has supported her and the GB Team

Holly has been supported by Fanatic, Kialoa, Ion, Dakine, Sweaty Betty, Prosport and 2XS.

TEAM GB sponsors include BSUPA, 2XS, PROSPORT & SUP HUT.

Check out the TEAM GB Facebook page for more photos of the event (pic credits to Simon Bassett)

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