BSUPA Round 1 – 15th & 16th May

The 2XS/BSUPA Event – Round 1

First of the UK national series for surf and distance. The event will comprise of a surf event in heat format (subject to surf conditions) and a down wind distance event.

Entry is avaible to all BSUPA members -membership is available on the day.
There will free test paddleboards for newcomers to try. And a chance to see the latest new paddles and paddleboards.

FREE SUP coaching sessions organised by X-Train from Jock Patterson BSUPA 2009 champ, Neal gent 2008 BSUPA surf champion & Simon Bassett BSUPA head Coach.

Competiors please be on the beach by 9am. Entry forms available at BSUPA or click the BSUPA logo below or call 01243 513077 to speak to chris, rosco or simon for more info, or to book a free coaching session.

National Windsurfing Week – 1st-9th May


2XS will be running a host of taster sessions during National Windsurfing Week:

2nd May Sunday
9am -10am session 1-kids only
10am-11am session2 –adults only
11am-12pm session 3-adults only

3rd May Monday Bank holiday
Same as above but starting at 10am though to 1pm 3x1hr sessions

8th May Saturday-9am-12pm same as 2nd May

9th May Sunday -10am-1pm same as 3rd May

Kids sessions should be 7yrs-12yrs with parent, adults from 14yr upwards full details will be released nearer the date

Full details will be released nearer the date. Contact us and mention National Windsurfing Week


If you fancy turning up to perfect beach set up with all the facilities- rescue, beach webcam, broadband, showers, changing rooms, great coaching and the full rental deal (like you find when you go abroad the 2XS RRD EZZY Test centre in West Wittering is the place to come.

We just have had delivered some of the new 2010 RRD and Ezzy gear for our windsurf test centre on the beach at West Wittering .We have the new RRDS in ltd freestyle waves, x-rides, wave twins, Cults, Evo and Easy riders.We also a have a full stack of RRD kitesurf gear including 2010 Passions, Obsession kites and placebo twin tips. This year we have kids boards from Fanatic and sails Hotsails Maui we also have some 2010 Fanatic New waves single fins on test. On the sail front we have 3.7 to 6.3 wave panther 2 and 7.5 Ezzy free rides.All our sails have all Ezzy carbon skinny’s and the 2010 Chinook booms and bases. We also have a full rack of Dakine harness on site as well surfboard from NSP, SUPS from Drops Gong and NSP.

West Wittering Windsurf Club opens from the begining of March until 30 October and is manned 7 days per week -membership is available for windsurfing and kitesurfing which starts from £260 for annual membership. We have a full hire package so you can switch between windsurf ,SUP and Kite surf gear all for £510 on top of your membership and you can use this every day through the season .We have a beach web so you can check the weather tides wave heights and temps here. The club has great facilities including showers changing rooms ,free tea and coffee ,broadband we have jet ski rescue and beach has lifeguard cover in the summer .West Wittering is also blue flag beach so the water quality is good.

X-train our tuition centre based at the club has been running for more than 10 years we are a full RYA,BKSA and BSUPA school and we teach windsurfing from 5 years upwards to advanced coaching ,we teach kitesurfing from 12 upwards to advanced levels ,as well as surfing and SUP where we were the first centre to paddle surfing on the south coast .We offer courses ,private lessons ,clinics and video coaching -we run a very successful kids program called Rippers from 5 upwards and have RYA Team 15 and the RYA Onboard school program for this season .We also work with top coaches including- Jem Hall ,Pete Hart ,Jim Collis ,Jock Patterson ,Andy Gratwick ,Neal Gent ,Emile Kott and Jamie Hawkins.

If you need to buy gear, the online warehouse is near by – so beach deliveries are easy to arrange and we stock all the small spares at the windsurf club.

The privately owned beach has been is very rural with a sandy beach and grassy car park ,cafe -great for all the family and has superb condition from waves at high tide and flat water chest deep lagoons at low tide .Car parking is cheaper than a day in Poole or day in most town centre car parks.
For more information please contact Simon Bassett or Chris rainbow on 01243 513077 or check out the website or email

Emile’s Carve gybe, Forward & Back loop clinics

Emile Kott (Level 5 instructor, Boards Magazine tester and 2XS team rider) has announced his summer 2010 courses.
The courses are unique, in that they only run if the conditions are there. This means you won’t be doing light wind forwards, backies and carve gybes!Get in touch early to avoid disapointment! To book or for more information, please call 01243 513 077.

Course: The WINDY Carve Gybe Clinic
Possible Timeslots:
(the course will run on the one date below which gives the best conditions. Please only book onto this course if you are free for all the dates.)
21st May, 9am – 3pm (1 hour lunch)
22nd May, 10am – 4pm (1 hour lunch)
23rd May, 11am – 5pm (1 hour lunch)

Course Description:
If you are struggling to get around your carve gybes or can’t quite plane out, then this is a course for you. Emile has devised a tried and tested carve gybe course through years of instructing all around the world. Emile will use a mixture of one-one, group and video tuition – his new waterproof video camera lets him sit in the water and have you gybe around him!

The course will only run if there’s enough wind to plane comfortably on a 6.5 sail or below. The timeslots mean that we will be running it in the perfect flat water of West Wittering low-tide lagoons.

Minimum level for course: Planing comfortably in the footstraps and harness on a sub 150 litre board. Waterstarts make it easier but are not a prerequisite.
Course price: £120


Course: THE 2010 Back Loop Clinic
Possible Dates:
(the course will run on the one date below which gives the best conditions. Please only book onto this course if you are free for all the dates.)
15th May, 11am – 4.30pm (30 mins lunch)
16th May, 12noon – 5.30pm (30 mins lunch)
29th May, 11am – 4.30pm (30 mins lunch)
30th May, 12noon – 5.30pm (30 mins lunch)

Course Description:Following on from 2009’s extremely popular and successful Backloop Clinic, Emile has further tweaked the course and has improved it for 2010.

The course breaks down the backloop into manageable sections and using on-water, land-based and video tuition, Emile is sure to have you making your best back loop attempts to date and you will leave the course as obsessed with the move as he is!

As last year, the course will only run if there is enough wind and waves to land a back loop. While not being renowned for huge waves, if it’s windy at West Wittering, we are almost guaranteed to have a good selection of ramps.

Minimum level for course: Comfortable sailing and jumping in strong wind and wave conditions on a sub 90 litre wave or freestyle wave board. The more vertical you can jump, the more you will get from the course.

Course price: £120


Course: The Forward Loop Clinic
Possible Dates:
(the course will run on the one date below which gives the best conditions. Please only book onto this course if you are free for all the dates.)

12th June, 10am – 3.30pm (30 mins lunch)
13th June, 11am – 4.30pm (30 mins lunch)
26th June, 10am – 3.30pm (30 mins lunch)
27th June, 11am – 4.30pm (30 mins lunch)
Course Description:New for 2010, Emile is running his first forward loop clinic. The course will run using a similar method to his very successful back loop clinics and is aimed at those who feel they may be ready to master this life-changing manoeuvre.

The course will break down the move into manageable, easy parts and is sure to get you around and improve your first forward loop attempts by the end of the day. Emile will use a mix of water-based and land-based one-one, group and video coaching to break down the move for you.

The clinic will only run if there is enough wind to complete a decent forward loop (around 20 knots of wind) and the timeslots have been organised to ensure it is run around a high tide at West Wittering, giving the best change of launch ramps.

Minimum level for course: Comfortable sailing and jumping in strong wind and wave conditions on a sub 90 litre wave or freestyle wave board

Course price: £120

New 2010 Kitesurf Course Prices

To keep you all informed we have recently reduced the price of our 2day Kitesurf Course. Full BKSA 2 day introduction to this great sport.

Prices now start from £199* for a weekday course weekend courses are still £225- which includes

  • Full equipment hire
  • Wetsuit hire
  • Hot showers
  • Jet ski rescue on stand by
  • Club house facilities

We have the latest 2010 RRD Bow kites and new RRD boards, so you will find the kiting experience really easy. We also have nice, toasty winter suits and boots for you to use.

On site all our coaches are linked from the land by radio, we have jetski rescue and the teaching area we use is a shallow, tidal waist deep lagoon. When you have finished your course we have hot showers, changing rooms and tea and coffee facilities.

Once you have finished the course we have hire package and further lesson options so you dont need necessarily to buy the kit alternatively we have a range of kite packages available if you do decide to buy.

We can teach kids kitesurfing from 12+ our kite range starts from 3m up to 12m so whatever the wind throws at us we can deal with the conditions!

We would recommend if you are coming on a kite course you should do either a powerkite course before so you have a good understanding of kite flying skills so not to waist time when you are learning kitesurfing

So check your diaries, and get yourself booked onto one of our courses and learn something new for 2010! Give us a call on 01243 513077 today!