EZZY SAILS Factory Sri Lanka

EZZY SAIL Factory Sri Lanka

I have previously been to Dave Ezzy’s HQ in Haiku Maui and seen where the sails are developed and tested. I have watched the daily ritual of sail development and product evolution and even seen Dave on his computer sending the final touches to the new designs to be sent directly to the factory, but I have never been to the factory..

The Ezzy sail factory is situated 5 mins from Columbo Airport Sri Lanka in an industrial park. We had to go through some security checks but we were made very welcome when we arrived at the factory office. Kayalni who has worked with Dave for more than 20 plus years gave myself, Holly and Lucy the guided tour. We went through each section of sail manufacture, from sail cutting, batton pockets, luff assembly, sail stitching, printing and batten grinding which is all done by hand.  We even met the guy Jayalal who rigs every sail before it leaves the place and signs the tiny white label on each sail. We were surprised by how much human contact there is for each sail – there is alot of precision stitching and once the section is finished it’s passed on to the next table for the next phase of construction. Each sail is meticulously checked, cleaned, then rigged, and finally bagged to be shipped. It seems slightly strange how many people have been involved in making your new sail as you roll it out on the floor for the first time.

We could also see another table with new Ezzy Taka 3s, new Ezzy Elites and Ezzy Zetas being made.

Now we really know that EZZY sails are designed and developed in Maui and precision hand crafted in Sri Lanka .

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